Embrace the mundane 

This one is gonna be short and sweet… I’m currently sitting here in my Infrared Sauna (at 66/150 degrees) after my second strength session of the day. I worked lower body this morning in The Action Gym and this latest session was all upper body. Well I was also going hard on my shin conditioning inbetween sets but that’s for another blog. 

A lot of my clients have been talking to me about their progress or their lack thereof in some instances… Yes I know, I shouldn’t be saying that some of my clients are not making the huge strides in all aspects of their training from body composition to strength gains and unlimited endurance like they paid for…. I mean like all the pictures we see on social media of cliens from other trainers who are SMASHING BODY COMP GOALS AND SETTING NEW PERSONAL BESTS AT EVERY SINGLE SESSION…. Reality check! This does not happen to every (if any) client. 

Be careful not to get dragged into believing it. 

Be happy with where you are on your journey while understanding two things. 

1. You can always become better 

2. You have already done great 

Be realistic and set realistic goals that you should reach, along with working full time paying your bills and trying to have some glimmer of a social life outside of the gym. 
If you are not making the results as fast as you expected or you are working far harder than you had expected to make very little progress then you are experiencing the norm, the grind, the mundane. 

Accept it,embrace it…. or what I was told (by an old training mentor who has since passed on) Learn it, live it, love it! 

Coach Paul 

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