My number one. 

There are so many training routines out there to follow. We only have very limited time to train. How are we supposed to know which one is the best? Well, in my opinion after training hundreds of clients over the past ten years I know that there is no exercise that is the holy grail of all exercises but I believe that there is one variable that when added to any routine will return results on your investment/effort faster than any. 
Don’t focus on more reps 

Don’t focus on more sets 

Don’t focus on more rest 

Don’t focus on less rest 

Don’t focus on complexity 

Don’t focus on different splits 

Don’t focus on TUT 

Don’t focus on tempo 

Don’t focus on form 

Don’t focus on conditioning 
Now I didn’t say you can disregard all these… you must keep all the above factors in check and included in your training. But the main # 1 aspect of your training to focus your results on and all results will in turn come from it is……
Focus on getting stronger! 
My workout today was so simple (I mean basic. It was not simple physically).

Just one exercise, the Clean and Press. 

Set 1 3×6 @ 45% 1RM with 2 min rest 

Set 2 4×5 @ 50% 1RM with 2 min rest 

Set 3 5×4 @ 55% 1RM with 2 min rest 
This was the second last round in set 3.​


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