Paul Healy “Fitness”

Yeah fitness.. everyone is talking about it and “into fitness” or, “on a fitness buzz”. But what is fitness?

Well to me fitness is not symbolised purely by your physical form… Unfortunately for many it is. Did you see the documentary last night on steroid abuse? I actually didn’t catch it all but there is nothing new in there for me. I know enough about it. I know guys that are on it, that sell it, I was quite friendly with a man that was a regular user, in great physical shape and dropped dead from a heart attach a couple of years ago (was it directly caused by the steroids?). I know that steroid use is higher in this country than you can imagine.

People want to look great… that’s the bottom line… whatever it takes to get it they will do it….. doesn’t matter if they risk their health getting there. Steroid users don’t get into great physical shape by taking steroids alone.. they still work hard and consistency in the gym and have their nutrition on point too. Steroids don’t do that for you, what they basically do is vastly increase your body’s ability to recover from a training session.. Therefore you can train again sooner and recover quickly from that session too.. and so with this along with the right amount of food you can gain lean muscle much faster than normal. I am not trying to defend steroids I am simply trying to clear that up because so many people that bring up this subject to me are of the belief that steroid users just inject this magic liquid and wake up the next day akin to the Hulk.. That doesn’t happen….

Unfortunately most people that take steroids purely for the aesthetic effects have already got some type of underlying body image disorder. Using steroids then inevitably leads to further undermining of their self esteem and starts the ball rolling into all sorts of mental illnesses.

Fitness starts with the mind… look after it.. open it up to new training routines…give it as much attention as we do our bodies in the Gym. Make your mind strong first… I am a full time Personal Trainer, I make my living from in the Gym. The first thing I say to clients and I continually ask them as we train together and build up strong relationships is, “Are you happy?”.

Happiness is the goal.. hitting the macros on your diet, the PB’s on lifts and having low body fat are all really really great… but if you’re not happy they don’t mean shit..

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