Strength first

Nice work at tonight’s UFC.. More new faces too! Satisfying to hear from two regular UFC clients that when they returned to their regular sports after the winter break they were genuinely impressed with the level of fitness they had gained from their efforts in here.

Strength and conditioning will greatly benefit all sports and then of course also your everyday tasks. Because strength is the mother of all qualities… regardless of the sport. For example; a strong runner will perform better than a weak runner. A strong fighter will perform better than a weak fighter. A strong field sport athlete will perform better than a weak one….

Keep lifting but obviously continue to work on the skills needed for your chosen sport..


First course of 2019

Tomorrow I get to teach in the National Sports College for the first time this year.. it’s almost midnight now.. I’m just in from putting together a nice routine in my gym. I’ll be up at 5am again to go over it before leaving.. I always get nervous before teaching there, I want everything to be right and everyone to enjoy the day, but obviously to feel as they are getting something valuable from the course.

I love Step Aerobics, I had great success with it in my class schedule in the past. It may not be as cool as it was but I guarantee you it will make you sweat buckets and smile from eat to ear.

I’m after finishing a long week.. 42 hours of a mixture of Personal Training and sports massage, seven hours of classes, seven days of video uploads and two football team S&C sessions. I’m tired but it doesn’t matter, I’m still grateful to be able to have this opportunity to help upcoming fitness professionals to further their own education.

Be thankful…


Paul Healy “Fitness”

Yeah fitness.. everyone is talking about it and “into fitness” or, “on a fitness buzz”. But what is fitness?

Well to me fitness is not symbolised purely by your physical form… Unfortunately for many it is. Did you see the documentary last night on steroid abuse? I actually didn’t catch it all but there is nothing new in there for me. I know enough about it. I know guys that are on it, that sell it, I was quite friendly with a man that was a regular user, in great physical shape and dropped dead from a heart attach a couple of years ago (was it directly caused by the steroids?). I know that steroid use is higher in this country than you can imagine.

People want to look great… that’s the bottom line… whatever it takes to get it they will do it….. doesn’t matter if they risk their health getting there. Steroid users don’t get into great physical shape by taking steroids alone.. they still work hard and consistency in the gym and have their nutrition on point too. Steroids don’t do that for you, what they basically do is vastly increase your body’s ability to recover from a training session.. Therefore you can train again sooner and recover quickly from that session too.. and so with this along with the right amount of food you can gain lean muscle much faster than normal. I am not trying to defend steroids I am simply trying to clear that up because so many people that bring up this subject to me are of the belief that steroid users just inject this magic liquid and wake up the next day akin to the Hulk.. That doesn’t happen….

Unfortunately most people that take steroids purely for the aesthetic effects have already got some type of underlying body image disorder. Using steroids then inevitably leads to further undermining of their self esteem and starts the ball rolling into all sorts of mental illnesses.

Fitness starts with the mind… look after it.. open it up to new training routines…give it as much attention as we do our bodies in the Gym. Make your mind strong first… I am a full time Personal Trainer, I make my living from in the Gym. The first thing I say to clients and I continually ask them as we train together and build up strong relationships is, “Are you happy?”.

Happiness is the goal.. hitting the macros on your diet, the PB’s on lifts and having low body fat are all really really great… but if you’re not happy they don’t mean shit..

Today’s workout

Just to give you a look at my routine.

Incline Bench Press 4×12

Preacher Curls 3×12

Squat 4×12

Swiss Ball Hamstringing Curls 3×12

Deadlift 4×12

All above with 90 seconds rest

Skip 3×3 minutes

With 30 seconds rest

I was tight on time today with 11 hours of PT booked so this was worked on a very strict rest periods.

My number one. 

There are so many training routines out there to follow. We only have very limited time to train. How are we supposed to know which one is the best? Well, in my opinion after training hundreds of clients over the past ten years I know that there is no exercise that is the holy grail of all exercises but I believe that there is one variable that when added to any routine will return results on your investment/effort faster than any. 
Don’t focus on more reps 

Don’t focus on more sets 

Don’t focus on more rest 

Don’t focus on less rest 

Don’t focus on complexity 

Don’t focus on different splits 

Don’t focus on TUT 

Don’t focus on tempo 

Don’t focus on form 

Don’t focus on conditioning 
Now I didn’t say you can disregard all these… you must keep all the above factors in check and included in your training. But the main # 1 aspect of your training to focus your results on and all results will in turn come from it is……
Focus on getting stronger! 
My workout today was so simple (I mean basic. It was not simple physically).

Just one exercise, the Clean and Press. 

Set 1 3×6 @ 45% 1RM with 2 min rest 

Set 2 4×5 @ 50% 1RM with 2 min rest 

Set 3 5×4 @ 55% 1RM with 2 min rest 
This was the second last round in set 3.​


Embrace the mundane 

This one is gonna be short and sweet… I’m currently sitting here in my Infrared Sauna (at 66/150 degrees) after my second strength session of the day. I worked lower body this morning in The Action Gym and this latest session was all upper body. Well I was also going hard on my shin conditioning inbetween sets but that’s for another blog. 

A lot of my clients have been talking to me about their progress or their lack thereof in some instances… Yes I know, I shouldn’t be saying that some of my clients are not making the huge strides in all aspects of their training from body composition to strength gains and unlimited endurance like they paid for…. I mean like all the pictures we see on social media of cliens from other trainers who are SMASHING BODY COMP GOALS AND SETTING NEW PERSONAL BESTS AT EVERY SINGLE SESSION…. Reality check! This does not happen to every (if any) client. 

Be careful not to get dragged into believing it. 

Be happy with where you are on your journey while understanding two things. 

1. You can always become better 

2. You have already done great 

Be realistic and set realistic goals that you should reach, along with working full time paying your bills and trying to have some glimmer of a social life outside of the gym. 
If you are not making the results as fast as you expected or you are working far harder than you had expected to make very little progress then you are experiencing the norm, the grind, the mundane. 

Accept it,embrace it…. or what I was told (by an old training mentor who has since passed on) Learn it, live it, love it! 

Coach Paul 

Eat your eggs! 

My morning PT sessions are done. I have another batch to do in the evening so I’m off now for a few hours. I have a lot of personalised nutrition plans in order to keep me busy for a few hours though! What you eat is key to getting/staying in good shape, you can exercise all you want but unless you are eating the correct foods your body won’t become as strong, as lean or as healthy as you think it should for the work you are putting in. To get a nutrition plan for yourself or to find out a little more about it just contact this page or 087-2484570 today. 

I am always questioned about my daily egg intake and if I am not worried about high cholesterol levels because of it. Well, to be sure I’m not gaining bad cholesterol I keep a check on my blood to ensure everything is going ok (not just because of the amount of eggs and red meat I consume) in general and I encourage everyone to form this annual habit. It has been proven that eggs can actually lower the levels of bad cholesterol. When I say bad cholesterol I am not talking about all or your “Total” cholesterol just the bad type which is LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein), there is also good cholesterol HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) and it actually needs both (in different ratios) to work properly. 
That’s for another day though, for now check out this article on eggs by Charles R Poliquin 

AKA The Strength Sensi