January 2019 home workout sessions


Day 1

150 push ups for time..


Day 2

300 Bodyweight squats for time..

Hope you enjoyed, P


Day 3

500 crunches for time

Go for it!


Day 4

100 burpees for time…

How are you doing???


Day 5

20 x


Star jumps

Double Crunch


For time

Keep me informed!


Day 6

20x squat jacks (I said squats in the video)

15x leg raises

10x push up

5x V ups or feet elevated crunches

AMRAP (as many round as possible) in 10 minutes.

Keep it going..


Day 7

50x split squats (25 each leg)

40x skips

30x star jumps

40x split squats (20 each leg)

30x skips

20x star jumps

30x spilt squats (15 each leg)

20x skips

10x star jumps



Day 8

5x burpees

10x hill climbers

15x push up

20x double crunches

25x star jumps

30x skips

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 12 minutes.

As always, let me know how you get on.. P


Day 9

150x skips

125x star jumps

100x squats

75x push ups

50x burpees

25x V-ups

For time

Keep pushing!


Day 10

12x squat jacks

10x push up

8x double crunches

EMOM (every minute on-the minute)

For 12 minutes

Don’t miss one.. Remember how hard it was to start, P


Day 11

10x push up

10x seated knee tucks

15x chair dips

15x leg raises

20x burpees

20x dead bugs

25x squat jacks (says star jumps in video 🙄)

25x hill climbers

30x star jumps

30x double crunches

For time

Rest for two minutes and repeat to beat your first time..

Have a great day!!


Day 12

8x push up

16x hill climbers

32x burpees

Rest 2 minutes

Repeat x 3 rounds total

Make a start. That’s the hardest part.


Day 13

It’s a tough one!!


Day 14

30x Reverse lung to knee raise (each side)

20x push up

10x burpees

Complete 2x rounds

#grinditout #keepgoing #dontstop


Day 15

40x hill climbers

50x push ups

60x crunches

2x rounds

For time:

Keep on top of it…Don’t let it slip!!


Day 16

25x feet elevated crunches

25x leg raises

15x V-ups

3x rounds

Are you still working hard? Keep motivated, focused on your goal..

All you have to do is do it!


Day 17

25x frog thrusts

15x squats

5x split squats (each leg)

3x rounds

For time:

You’re going to love it!


Day 18

50x squats

50x star jumps

50x push up

50x double crunch

No matter where you are you can exercise.


6x 40 seconds plank

Workouts don’t have to be complicated to be effective.


Day 20

2x Tabata (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 4 minutes)

1. Squats + push ups

Rest 2 minutes

2. Star jumps + hill climbers

It’s never too late!!


Day 21

2x Tabata

1. Step up + crossover touch

2. Power thrusters + bicycle crunch

You will only get out what you put in..


Day 22

15x push up

15x star jumps

15x squats

15x double crunches

15x hill climbers

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in

15 minutes

If you are doing it, you are doing great.


Day 23

I have not had a second to record a video for today’s workout due to my schedule..

But you can work away with this routine.

50x squats

40x split squats (20 each leg)

30x burpees

20x push ups

10x V ups

= 1 round.

Complete 3 rounds…

You’re welcome!



Day 24

30x hill climbers

10x push up

20x hill climbers

20x push ups

10x hill climbers

30x push up

Rest 3 minutes

30x squats

10x star jumps

20x squats

20x star jumps

10x squats

30x star jumps

This was your New Years resolution.. Keep pushing!


Day 25


ALAP (as long as possible) for four rounds

You are doing great.. so why stop now?


Day 26

300 body weight squats for time.

Trying to beat your time from day 2.


Day 27


1. Squats

2. High – low plank

3. Squat jacks

4. Hill climbers

5. Push ups

6. Reverse lunges

7. Burpees

8. Double crunches

Rest 2 minutes and repeat x3 times total.

Get stuck in…


Day 28

25x star jumps

15x squats

EMOM (every minute on the minute)

for 10 minutes.

Easy for ya!!


Day 29

Squat jacks


Ladder 1-8-1

Get up (and back down) that ladder!


Day 30

Reverse lunge to knee

High knees

Star jumps

All x 30 seconds x 4 rounds

You’re nearly there!


The last day!

25x push ups

50x squats

75x star jumps

100x crunches

X3 rounds for time.

Thank you all for following along I hold you enjoyed and found a new love for exercising.

My online training program will be starting on February 18th contact me for details..