On-line training

Training to an exact time schedule can be very difficult as we all have so much do do every day. It can be hard to drop everything to be at the studio for a set time every day, I totally understand! With on-line training you get the workouts sent to you along with the freedom to complete them whenever your schedule allows. Each workout will be accompanied with a video link so you can watch and re-cover some of the finer points of the exercise/lifts.

On-line clients will also receive regular email correspondence from me regarding new exercises techniques, training, diet and general ramblings.

Here is a small clip from one of my on-line training videos for correct bench pressing technique.

We can get you going TODAY! Once you sign up and complete the payment you will be emailed links to the first batch of videos and receive your easy to follow workouts. Lets get started!

On-line Training is now closed. If you want to join a waiting list for this next wave of clients then let me know via the contact us page. Thanks, P. 

On-Line Training

With this you will be sent your workouts and will allow you access to all my instructional videos. You will also get to contact me via email as often as you wish to help and answer any questions or queries you might have on the training or diet. This is the initial fee, a monthly fee of €5.00 per month is required afterwards to remain in the loop.