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You have often heard the saying “Water is Life”, well personally I believe this statement to be true. Water is the key to a healthy life. Our body is up to 70% water itself! Water flushes our body and rids it from infection and sickness. If you don’t drink water, you will die. It’s that important. Depending on our environment, we can live only a few days without water – maybe a week. We can live much longer without food.

However not all waters are equal. For most of us our water comes from reservoirs piped to our home via treatment plants where the workers add chemicals to it. Chemicals so strong that when they handle them they must wear protective clothing. Chemicals so strong in fact that the drivers who haul and deliver these chemicals must receive another level of training and license before being permitted to transport it.

But don’t worry folks it’s perfectly fine to drink!!

More of us (myself included) receive our water from our own private well so we don’t have to worry, right? Well I was under that illusion too until I got my water (which tastes like the purest water ever) tested for acid levels. I was shocked! The water which my family and myself were consuming daily and which I was sure was some of the best water around was highly acidic! I had spent time and money trying to find the best possible site to bore my well (I even went so far as to hire an elderly water diviner to locate it) and while the water was fresh and clean to my knowledge when examined further it was a very different story.

I immediately started research into the negative effects this acidic water can/could have on our health and the more I looked the more I found. I was looking for information about my own water problem but found out that we all are drinking this acidic water daily without realising it. No water is safe, even bottled water! So what can I/we do to avoid drinking this poisonous liquid?

Well during my search for knowledge on water I discovered that there is a machine which can change the water from acidic to a neutral Ph balance or even further to fully Alkaline.


I immediately looked further into these machines and found so many voices to back up the benefits which it claimed to have. Voices from Doctors, Health Care Agencies, Health Professionals and of course the Family men and women who have experienced these benefits and would never return to drinking tap or bottled water.  The Health benefits of this antioxidant water range from fighting Cancer Cells to psoriasis to anti aging  and everything in between.


“Kangen Water” is what it this is know as. “Kangen” is a Japanese phrase which is said to mean “Return to origin”. This Kangen water is the holy grail of water, sitting at 9.0 – 9.5 on the Ph scale just outside the range for free radical Cancer Cells to survive. I don’t want to play that card all the time though. I really want this water for three main reasons, To help sustain and strengthen my family’s good health, for the improvement of my body for sport, and for the increase in recovery time of any sports-person whom I treat.


Listen, I can go on all day about this water but you really have to try it for yourself to understand and TASTE the difference. I can go or organise someone to go to YOUR HOME and test your water in front of you so you can see for yourself the level of Acid in it. If you are in the locality you can come to my Gym and get the water here yourself. You can also buy your very own Kangen Water Ionizer for your home/business through me.


“Change your water, Change your life”



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