“Although I had not had any regular exercise routine in years and was totally
dreading my first personal training class with Paul Healy, I instantly felt
at ease in his company.

Over the next five classes in the gym I learned (from start to finish) how
to get the very most out of my workout, skills which can be used in any type
of exercise.

My improved fitness and weight loss over the next few months got me back
running after over ten years and I am loving every minute of it.

Paul’s personality, knowledge and constant encouragement makes him a really
great place to get started (and continue) on the road to weight loss and

Warning: He most definitely will push you past where YOU believe that you
can go…Thank you Paul!”

– Michelle Mc Donald

“I lost 45lbs or over 3 stone through a personalized diet and training programme along with martial arts training with Paul Healy.

His encouragement and dedication to my combined fitness and diet regime helped me to not only lose this weight but to have the skills and mental discipline to keep it off.

The best investment you can make is your own health and wellbeing.

I cannot recommend Paul highly enough.”

– John Mullen

“I attended Martial Arts class for four years with Paul Healy and found the classes highly enjoyable and very beneficial.

Paul is a capable and approachable instructor who provided plenty of discipline and I would gladly recommend him to a friend.”

– Brendan Sheehan

Looking forward to our next session. ‘looking forward’ to working out was not something that I would dared utter two months ago but thanks to your enthusiasm about fitness and endlessly positive energy I have found myself 10 sessions later slimmer, more toned and most importantly happier in myself. You are great at what you do and God knows I was a hard sell.

– Emmaline Duffy-Fallon